Sunday, 8 November 2015, India’s First Online Store for Masterbatches.

EMASTERBATCHES.COM prides being India’s First and Only Online Store for Masterbatches. The pioneering initiative has been made by Prayag Polytech Pvt Ltd, a leader in plastic masterbatches industry in India and abroad for over 19 Years now. Our aim is to revolutionise the way in which the masterbatches are being offered to the end customer, thus bringing in a paradigm shift in customer's buying experience.
While serving the plastic industry, over the years we have communicated with various stakeholders in the masterbatch industry and understood the numerous issues being faced by the customers while making an order for masterbatches. Some of the most visible need gaps identified were such as limited range, limited availability, tedious ordering process, limited customer support, non uniform pricing, inefficient deliveries etc.
In line with our continuous effort to offer the best services to our customers, we wanted to find a solution to such need gaps and identified E-commerce as the right platform to the same. Thus came the idea of launching India's ( And probably world's as well) first Online Store for Masterbatches i.e. WWW.EMASTERBATCHES.COM where E in line with our motto stands for making processes EASY.

Thus, some of the ways that we are tring to make the buying easy for our customers at Include:
  • Availability Made EASY—While local distributor may stock only small quantity, we are keeping much higher ready stocks at our end, enabling quick dispatches. Also, investment in multiple dedicated production lines for each colour allows us to quickly produce and dispatch any product that is otherwise out of stock with us.
  • Ordering Made EASY—Ecommerce removes the need to contact or call the seller for any new order and allows to order anytime of the day. Ability to order through laptop/ mobile/ tablets give the freedom to order from anywhere. Stock position is also well indicated at the website itself.
  • Range Made EASY- While local distributor may stock very few grades, we offer hundreds of grades to choose from through the website. More options being added everyday.
  • Support Made EASY- The easy classification of the product range, the ability to filter and sort the results, helps you to easily find the right matching grade for your requirement. Technical data sheets, Material safety data sheets etc (downloads), further give the exact information and fulfils your company statutory requirements at a click of a button. The company Customer Care department accessible through Toll Free Number further assists you when you may need the assistance.
  • Pricing Made EASY- Transparent and uniform pricing on, allows the customer to buy with confidence. The website allows the customer to be updated first-hand. Further, the Pricing Logic has been programmed to reward the customer by offering quantity wise slab rates and turnover discounts. Also, features like launch discount, promo code discounts have been built in to offer extra comfort.
  • Payment Made EASY— Multiple payment options are available on Payment can be easily made through any preferred medium i.e. online net banking, RTGS, NEFT, Direct Bank deposit, Credit Card, Debit Card. Online payments are being accepted through reputed and secure third party payment gateway.
  • Delivery Made EASY— All deliveries are made on Door to Door basis to the customer’s given address. No additional shipping charges are being levied for the deliveries. All deliveries are being made by Express delivery thus offering faster deliveries and in secure closed containers. Online tracking of the shipment further adds surety to the delivery.
Order at and we will ensure that it goes through EASY...

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